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QR Code For Smart Rules

Make your QR Code Smart with your predefined rulesets!

See how to make your perfect QR code!

What are Smart QR Codes?

If you need a QR code that redirects to different destinations depending on the time of day, day of the week, or scanner's device type, the solution is to add a Smart Rule. QRCodeChimp's Smart Rules for QR codes allow users to set custom conditions for their codes. QR Code Generator for Smart Rules enables you to create a singular smart code that redirects to multiple destinations that a scanner lands on, determined by the type of the Smart Rule added. The solution provides customers with a personal, dynamic experience. 

How Do I Create A Smart Rule QR Code?

Select the Smart Rules QR code tab, and you may start creating rules for desired scan destinations depending upon your QR code flow.

Enter your scan destinations and apply Smart Rules to each destination. You can use a smart QR code based on the scanner's device type (iOS/Android), time of the day, or day of the week. The user can combine various conditions while creating rules.

Meaning, if you want customers to be redirected to a specific landing page from Monday-Friday between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm EST, you can choose "Day" and "Time" while creating the Smart QR Code.

Now, press "Apply rule" to save and move to the next scan destination.

The optional scan destination will become your default destination when no other rules match. For instance, if you have smart rules set for Monday and Wednesday and someone scans the code on a Friday, the QR code will redirect them to the default destination.

You may also choose your existing saved QR codes as a scan destination if you want.

If you are satisfied with your Smart QR Code rules, move on to the design elements to customize your smart code with colors, shapes, frames, and images. You can edit the scan destinations and Smart Rules even after saving and downloading the code.

Now, save your QR code, and you can now download the print-ready QR code! You can edit the scan destinations and Smart Rules even after saving and downloading the code.

Use Cases for QR Code Generator For Smart Rules

App download

If you want to promote a mobile app, Smart Codes can increase downloads by adding the device-type as Smart Rule. Smart QR Code allows you to redirect scanners based on iOS or Android. You can enter two different scan destinations - your mobile app on Apple Store and your app on Google Play. When someone scans the code, they will be automatically redirected to the respective app store.

Food & Beverage Outlets

If a restaurant wants to keep contactless menus, instead of having separate smart codes for lunch and dinner menus, it can add a Smart Rule based on the time of the day. When customers scan the menu at noon, they will be redirected to the lunch menu and to the dinner menu at night. Similarly, breakfast hours on weekdays, brunch time on weekends (determined by you), and coffee time can be automatically incorporated in the QR Code Generator for Smart Rules.

Pubs and Lounges

If you run a bar that offers different drinks each day of the week, you may consider creating a smart code with a day-of-week Smart Rule QR Code. Upload a unique menu or link for each day so that when customers scan the contactless menu, they are automatically redirected to that day's special drinks.