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QR Code For Social-Media 

Display your various social media profiles on a single scan and let your audience find their way to follow you.

See how Social Media QR code works!

Promote your social profiles

Social media QR code gives you the easiest way to display all your social profiles on a single scan to your users. They can directly reach out to you through the medium of their choice. You can customize the display page with colors, logo & background image. Edit or update the profiles at any time. Advertise your social media profiles by printing QR on advertisements like flyers, banners, brochures, or share via short URL.

How to use QR code for Social Media promotion

QR codes look tiny, but they can bring tremendous value to the business. They give a unique way to promote. You can merge your offline and online marketing with the help of a QR code.

Promote social media with print marketing

All print marketing materials like flyers, banners, posters are great mediums to employ QR codes. Adding your social media QR code on printed marketing materials can help your brand reach out and gain more followers on social profiles. Placing your QR code with a call-to-action message will be more effective. Let your message be large enough & prominent to read. Get your own social media QR code printed and start promoting!

Enhance packaging with QR code

The first thing customers see before the product is the outer packaging. Make their experience even more exciting with social-media QR codes. Let your product take them into the digital world of your brand to get additional information about products and updates. Product packaging is a great way to place QR codes and connect to your customers.

While creating a Social media QR, add your various social media profiles and encourage your viewers to follow you. You can always have new updates on the same code without printing it again.

Use a Business card as a promotional tool

Make your clients and customers aware of your social media presence by placing social media QR codes on business cards. Make it easy for them to follow your social media pages in a single scan. Get your own social media QR code printed and start promoting!

How to add a location link in a social media QR code?

Open Google Maps

Search for the location and adjust the location pin for accuracy.

Click on share and copy the link.

Paste the location link in the location URL field of the Social media QR code.

QR code for Social-Media

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