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Create your professional digital business card in just a few simple steps and ensure you always make a lasting impression.

Watch how QR Code Chimp Digital Business Cards can enhance your networking and business.

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is an online profile containing all your professional information. Known as a virtual business card, electronic business card, e-business card, or QR code business card, it simplifies networking by allowing instant digital sharing of your contact details. With a digital business card, you can share your full name, job title, company name, phone number, email address, social media links, website links, and multimedia content seamlessly.

NFC Digital Business Cards for New-Age Contact Sharing

Add your digital business card’s short URL to an NFC card and share your contact details with a single tap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a digital business card?

Creating a digital business card is a convenient and eco-friendly way to share your contact information with others. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

How to create digital business cards in bulk?

Creating digital business cards in bulk can save you time and effort, especially when you need to distribute them to a large number of people. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create digital business cards in bulk:

Can I customize the design of my digital business card?

Yes, you can customize the design of your digital business card. You have the flexibility to choose fonts, colors, layout, and incorporate your branding elements. You can also add images, logos, or graphics to make it visually appealing and representative of your personal or company brand.

Can I create a digital business card for free?

Yes, you can create digital business cards for free with QRCodeChimp. We have a forever-free plan that allows you to create up to 10 digital business cards for free.

Where can I use a QR code business card?

You can use QR code business cards to seamlessly share contact details and connect with clients, investors, partners, or employers. It can be used on business cards, resumes, emails, portfolios, online directories, etc.

Can I change the information linked to my digital business card?

Yes, you can change your contact details in real time while keeping the same digital business card QR code and URL. There’s no need to create a new digital business card every time you need to change some information.

Should I put a QR code on my business card?

Yes, you should print your virtual card's QR code on your paper business card. This modern touch ensures anyone who scans it has your latest information. It also allows updates to your digital card without reprinting, enhancing networking efficiency and professionalism and leaving a lasting impression.

What’s the best digital business card size or dimension?

If you're printing a QR code business card or creating an NFC business card, it's recommended to use the standard business card size of around 3.5" x 2" (88.9mm x 50.8mm) with a 1.75:1 aspect ratio. This makes it easy to carry, familiar, and professional.

How does a digital business card work?

A digital business card works by allowing users to share their contact information digitally. Users can share digital business cards instantly using QR codes, social media, or directly sending the digital business card URL. Once someone opens the digital business card on their smartphone, they can save the contact details using the “Save to Contact” button. Besides, they can take other actions like making a call, sending an email, and more. Overall, digital business cards streamline the process of exchanging contact information, making it easier for recipients to save and access details and provide a more interactive and eco-friendly networking solution in today's digital world.

Why Digital Business Cards?

Networking is the key to success, and our professional digital business cards can help take yours to the next level. Say goodbye to flimsy, paper cards that are easy to lose or forget. Our digital cards are sleek, customizable, and designed to convert like crazy.

In just a few simple steps, you can create a card that showcases your brand, highlights your strengths, and sets you apart from the competition. And with the ability to include multimedia elements like videos and images, you can capture attention and make a lasting impression.

The best part? Sharing your card is a breeze - simply scan and connect. Say hello to a world of new opportunities, as your network grows exponentially before your eyes.

Benefits of Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards offer myriad benefits that make them a superior choice over traditional paper cards.

Instant sharing and accessibility

Digital business cards can be shared instantly via email, QR codes, social media or text messages. This allows the recipients to access the contact instantly, overcoming the limitations of physical business cards.

Eco-friendly/Cost effective

Virtual business cards are an eco-friendly option as they reduce the reliance on physical cards. These cards are cost-effective as they cut down the printing cost associated with paper business cards.

Buttons for actionability

Digital business cards are dynamic and interactive. They have buttons and clicks to allow users to take actions like saving contact information, making a call, and sending an email or SMS. Some dynamic elements on a digital business card include clickable links and buttons, social media profiles, interactive maps, and multimedia.

Easy update

Traditional business cards become outdated once the contact details or the job title mentioned on the card changes. In contrast, digital business cards offer a seamless solution to this problem. If you want to update any information, you can simply do it from your QRCodeChimp dashboard.

Analytics and retargeting

You can view the analytics of your digital business cards in the QRCodeChimp dashboard. This data can be valuable for assessing the effectiveness of networking efforts. Additionally, you can add the Google Analytics ID to your digital business card for retargeting users.

Multimedia integration

You can include various types of multimedia on your digital business card. These include images, videos, PDFs, and docs. Hence, you can share information in a more visual and appealing way, which will help you build more connections.

Unlimited space

Digital business cards have no space limitations. You can share all your information in one place without worrying about space and storage. It’s beneficial in networking because in-depth information increases trust and helps you build more connections.

Ultimately, embracing digital business cards not only showcases a tech-forward and modern image but also empowers professionals to navigate the digital landscape with ease, enhancing their networking potential and fostering professional success.

Best practices for making a Digital Business Card

When creating a digital business card, there are some best practices you can follow to ensure it is effective and professional. Here are some recommendations:

1. Choose a professional design

Create a visually appealing digital business card that reflects your personal brand or company's image. Select a suitable template and customize it to perfection using colors, fonts, and branding elements. When designing a digital business card, aim for the perfect balance between design, professionalism, and simplicity.

2. Include all your information

The sky's the limit with digital business cards. You can share all your information — contact details, social media links, and multimedia. To leverage this functionality, it’s important to include all your details on the digital business card. Make it as detailed as possible and put in all your info to get the best results.

3. Optimize for mobile devices

Since digital business cards are often viewed on smartphones, ensure that your design is mobile-friendly and easily readable on smaller screens. Use a legible font size and appropriate spacing.

4. Add interactive elements

Take advantage of the digital format by including interactive elements such as clickable email addresses, website links, or social media icons. This allows recipients to engage with your digital business card directly and take action.

5. Use high-quality graphics

Incorporate high-resolution images or your company logo to enhance the visual appeal of your digital business card. Avoid pixelation or low-quality graphics that can undermine professionalism and hinder information exchange.

6. Include a call to action

Encourage recipients to take action by including a clear call to action. With CTAs like “Contact Me” or “Book a Consultation,” you can generate qualified leads and rapidly grow your network.

7. Regularly update your card

Unlike a traditional business card, a digital business card can be updated at any time. Take advantage of this feature by regularly updating your digital business card with the latest information. This way, you can ensure that your prospects get up-to-date information every time.

How to share a Digital Business Card?

Once you create a digital business card, it’s time to share it with prospects. Here are some of the best ways to share a digital business card.

1. Business card

A business card is the most lucrative medium to share your digital business card. You can include your digital business card QR code on your business card, allowing prospects to view it with a single scan.

2. Email

You can share your digital business card with your email contacts and build meaningful relationships. Put the digital business card QR code in your email signature to allow email recipients to seamlessly access your email signature.

3. Print advertising materials

If you use print media like newspapers, magazines, and brochures to advertise your products or services, you can put your QR code there to bring users to your digital business card.

4. Messaging apps

Share your digital business card through messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. You can directly send your digital business card URL to people for easy contact sharing.

5. Social media

Utilize your social media profiles to share your digital business card. Create a post announcing your digital business card and provide a link or attach the card directly. You can also pin the post to the top of your profile for easy access or give the URL in your profile description.

6. Virtual networking platforms

Similarly, you can share your digital business card URL in virtual meetings on platforms like Zoom and Meet. Networking platforms like LinkedIn are also excellent places to share your digital business card.

Are digital business cards safe to use?

At QRCodeChimp, we understand that your privacy and security are of utmost importance. That's why we've taken every precaution to ensure that your digital business cards are 100% secure. Our platform is designed by experienced engineers who have previously designed secure systems for well-known companies such as PayPal, Google, Bank of America, and Amazon. We take security seriously and have implemented multiple layers of protection to safeguard your data.

Rest assured that your information is safely stored and can only be accessed by you through authenticated access over an encrypted connection. Our 11-year history is a testament to our commitment to security and our use of homegrown tech further ensures that your data is protected at all times.

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Creating QR codes was very easy!

Hello, I'm Marion, and I'm preparing an online congress. I have developed 10 digital guides; these guides are presented in my book and can be accessed directly via a QR code. Creating QR codes was very easy, and it worked well, generating 15+ codes quickly and easily. Thank you, and we look forward to coming back to the platform for our next project.

We feel very happy to provide a rating of 10 out of 10!

We are very much satisfied and really appreciate the QR code service provided by Customization features like different styles, colors, and adding a logo make the QR codes attractive. Also, PDF generation is up-to-date. is very useful for our startup business.

I think your service is absolutely awesome, user-friendly and innovative to say the least.

I played around with various designs and was absolutely amazed by the variety of functions and designs you have available. I could use and create multiple designs according to each of my advertisement needs. The functionality is great and the scans are trackable in a simple dashboard making it easy to see how many prospective customers scan your QR Code. It really offers so much!

Variety of shapes is fantastic!

The QR code is great, having the ability to include a logo in the middle. I used QRCodeChimp to create a code for our club event registration because I was offering entry to the staff of a sponsor, so I wanted a great way to capture their interest. We were fortunate that our club's mascot, a turtle, is included in the range of shapes that QRCodeChimp has as standard.

I am very happy with your product!

It was very simple to use; I needed two qr codes- one as a business card for myself and the other for my small business. They looked great, and I got some compliments on them! Thank you so much for making this available!

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The best, since I started using it, is my go-to when I need a QR Code. I can easily download QR codes in PDF and PNG formats. I rate QRCodeChimp 9/10.

QRCodeChimp is straightforward and easy to use

Having the ability to show my first client a QR code that linked to the demo page immediately got his attention. I was able to make a QR code for it with a shape for his business and FB page. The ability to put a social media icon in the middle of the QR code to show where that code leads is extremely helpful, as well as being able to create codes in different shapes relating to the client's business and colors similar to their logo or color scheme really helps make them a satisfied client.

Thank you that we can reach our customers better with QR Code Chimp!

We include a QRCodeChimp business card with every order. So we can stay much closer and easier in touch with our customers with one scan. Since we are a young start-up, we rely on free options like the ones from QRCodeChimp; with the numerous features from you, we are more than satisfied.

Everything is perfect, I would recommend it to all my friends

I uploaded the QR Code created by your website in my smartwatch, and whenever someone asks me for my contact details, I extend my arm for them to scan the watch; people think this is one of the coolest ways they've seen to exchange contacts.

Being Eco- Friendly and Go Green in Business Life!

In a rapidly changing business life, I also have to change my business cards. By using less ink, paper, time, and money still, I can reflect all the changes in my business card in the quickest, easiest, and most stylish way. Wherever I use QR business cards during events, meetings, forums, and exhibitions, I both protect nature and stand out by making a difference.

Using the QR code has help people to find us faster through my Instagram

It's been hard for someone to see all the services I offer from my company, and giving an outline of the links made it easy by having that easy connection better than a business card.