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App Download QR Code

Get your App instantly downloaded on a scan of QR code!

See how App download QR code works!

Quick app download with QR

A QR code for downloading an app is a unique way to trigger the call for action among the target audience to install brand applications from different app stores. The QR code generator assists users to create two variants of QR codes. The first one includes a customized landing page, specially designed to be mobile-friendly, and which includes buttons for app stores like Apple Store, Google Play Store. The second option provides a direct link to the app stores eliminating the landing page. The code once scanned will directly open the link of your app in the store which is supported by the operating system of that smart device. Along with providing aesthetics, the landing page comes with a customizable call to action button, it depends upon the users which one they choose.

The purpose and the need for QR code for app download

A single landing page for all app stores:

The QR code generator gives the advantage of creating a beautiful landing page that will allow you to put all the app stores links on one page, making it simpler for customers to choose on their own from which store they wish to install the app.

Two-step creativity:

The users can add-on their personal touch while creating the code. The QR code chimp provides a lot of options to customize the QR codes by changing their size, color, or adding your company logo to amalgamate with the company themes. Similarly, the user can also customize the landing page concerning its color theme or by adding images of the company.

Amend and update:

The dynamic QR code solution provided by the QR code generator assists users in keeping the QR code up to date. Any new change can be added without the need to recreate the code. They can update the link or add new buttons as needed. The user can undo any previous changes under a dynamic QR code.

Real-time tracking data:

As dynamic QR code enables users to track data to access information on the number of time codes scanned, the location and devices used. This results in assisting users to keep track of the progress from time to time.

Add buttons for attention:

Along with links to the app stores on the landing page, the user can further add buttons to improve the experience of installing the app. The buttons could link to videos showing the step by step process of installing and signing in to your app, or a simple video tailor of your app features.

Who should have this QR code?

Education- eLearning site:

The educational apps are new way of learning especially for students who are preparing for entrance examinations. To popularize the apps among youngsters an appealing QR code for app can be added in the marketing material like social media pages, on their promotional emails, or on the billboards around the college centric places which will help them to grab the attention of their target audience.

Ecommerce companies:

App-based eCommerce companies should also use QR code generator for app download. Make on-go shopping spree more interesting by adding QR codes for app download on your advertising material, you can also add this code on bills of the customers. A simple scan will land customers to your app page on the store and they can easily start their shopping from anywhere.

Restaurant owners:

QR codes can be incorporated on the table cards, or the front board of the restaurant. A customer can simply scan and download the app for ordering food and paying the bill.

Anti-theft software/ device developers:

Industries working to develop anti-theft devices and software utilizes mobile-friendly apps to let customers be connected with their devices and keep a regular check on their assets. A QR code for downloading an app will give a smooth beginning to start with the anti-theft software world.

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