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Google Maps QR Code

Direct your user to the destination easily with a single scan. No typing needed!

See how to make Google Maps QR code!

How to create a Google Maps QR code for my business?

Step 1:

Open Google Maps.

Step 2:

Search for the location and adjust the location pin for accuracy. 

Step 3:

Click on share and copy the link. 

Step 4:

Paste the location link in the map URL field of Google maps QR code. Check the checkbox below it to make the QR code dynamic.

Step 5:

Save your QR Code with customization; you can also add a maps logo to make it even more appealing. 

Step 6:

Test your QR Code, and you are done! 

Create Your Own It's Free

Locate your destination with a QR code for Google map

Have you ever found it difficult to have reached an important meeting or even missed it due to vague directions given by the other party? We are very sure we all have been in this situation. The QR code generator has come up with an easy solution for this location problem. It assists you in creating a QR code for Google maps so as to locate your destination with one simple scan.

Save your clients and guests from the tedious task of typing in your location on Google maps and use an alternate instead. Use a free QR code generator like the QR code chimp platform to create your own QR code for Google Maps. Why type? When you can scan. But before that,

                                               Let's find out who all needs this code?

On formal invitations

Sending in the invites for your new office? Just add your Google Map location QR code on the invite and let your clients reach exactly at your destined place!

On wedding invitations

Weddings on its way? Remember how the invites used to have a whole page dedicated to the directions of the venue. CHUCK IT NOW! We have QR codes. One scan and your guest is all set to reach your venue on time. (unless the traffic is heavy, of course! )

On event tickets

Codes can also be utilized on an event venue ticket for no last-minute confusion for the viewers.

On tourists booklets

QR code for Google maps is a huge success for tourist destinations. With a scan, a tourist can find their way around a new city.

Customize it!

Actually, there is more to it. QR code generator gives full freedom to personalize your code to reflect it with your purpose. The user can display their creativity while developing this code. We can personalize by adding a color scheme matching your business and including your logo to emphasize your brand.

                                                Step up your scanning game

In addition to sharing your location with your clients, the dynamic QR code comes with an additional feature of its own. It analyzes and keeps track of the number of times the code was scanned. It keeps track of the repeated scans as well as the unique scans along with devices used for scanning. Even if there is any change in the venue, the user can edit the location without changing the QR code. It can be edited N number of times. This escalates any changes required to improve the experience of your visitors.

QR code for Google maps is a perfect solution to lead your client to your doorstep, also with advanced features to allow you to make room for any change if needed. Create multiple codes with a free QR code generator for different locations with simple steps. Why waste time? Click here to get started with your own QR code for Google maps. You can also go for the dynamic version for analytics and tracking purposes.

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