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QR Code Business Card – Create Your Digital Business Card

Add digital capabilities to your business card and share your contact details with a single scan

See how the vCard QR code works!

What is a QR Code Business Card?

A vCard Plus aka QR Code Business Card acts as your digital business card. You can link your contact information, like name, address, email, mobile number, social media, etc., to it. People can scan your vCard Plus QR code to get your details, save your contact, and connect with you.

Networking plays a vital role in the success of all professionals, regardless of the industry. Building meaningful connections can help you get a rewarding job and even high-paying clients.

A QR code business card helps you share your contact details quickly and grow your network fast. Users can open your digital business card and save your contact without manually entering your details.

QRCodeChimp is the best digital business card platform in the market. You can create a digital business card in a few minutes using our drag-and-drop editor. With various templates and customization options, you can give your QR code business card a perfect look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create QR Code for business card?

Creating a QR code business card has never been easier. Follow these steps to create your QR code visiting card in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Select Color and Background

Design and customize your vCard Plus display page with colors, background, and profile images of your choice.

Step 2: Enter Your Basic Information

Enter the basic information details you want to display.

Step 4: Upload Page Loader Image

Select the default page loader image or upload the loader image of your choice.

Step 5: Design Your QR Code

Click on 'Design Color and Decorate QR Code' to customize your QR Code design (ex: adding color, shape, sticker).
Note: Click on the 'x' icon of the 'Customize QR Code' popup to save changes.

Step 6: Save and Download

Save the QR Code by clicking on the 'Save QR Code' button, entering the QR name, and then clicking on 'Save.'
Note: Make sure to scan your QR Code from different devices (iOS and Android) before printing for production.

Additional Note: Add to Physical Card

Integrate a brand new QR Code on your business card in the 'decorate your picture' tab. You may upload your business card template and place your QR code on it.

Can I create a QR code Business Card for free?

With QRCodeChimp, you can create a your QR Code Business Card (vCard Plus) for free. All you need to do is visit the QR code business card generator page and add the information that you want to display.

Now, design your QR code, download it and print it on your business card.

Your QR code visiting card is ready to be shared.

How can people save my contact information using a vCard Plus QR code?

People need to scan your vCard Plus QR code and click on 'Save to Contacts' on the display page. Android users can open the VCF file to save the contact, while iOS users can select the Create New Contact option to save it.

Where can I use a QR code business card?

A QR Code Business Card (vCard Plus QR code) is highly versatile, and you can use it on your business cards, resumes, online profiles, emails, portfolio, and more.

Whether you want to attract clients, customers, partners, investors, or employers, a digital business card QR code helps you do that. 

Can I change the information linked to my digital business card?

Yes, by creating a vCard Plus QR Code, you can change your contact details in real-time while keeping the same QR code. There’s no need to create a new vCard Plus every time you change some information. 

Can I create a QR Code for my website or URL?

Yes, you may create a QR code that will redirect your users on scan to your website or URL. For that you have to use our main QR Code Generator solution.

Can a QR code replace a business card?

A QR code can't completely replace a traditional business card's tactile and personal touch. However, adding your virtual card QR code to your business card can significantly enhance its functionality and connectivity, making it a superior networking tool.

Create and Manage Your QR Code Business Card
with QRCodeChimp

QRCodeChimp's vCard Plus QR code generator helps you create a digital business card in less than two minutes. All you need to do is customize your display page, enter your contact details, design your QR code, and place it on your business card. QRCodeChimp comes with powerful vCard QR code creation and management features, like:

Easy to Use
Create a digital business card easily in less than two minutes with QRCodeChimp. It's easy to use, and you don't need any skills or experience to get started.
Choose from over 60 unique shapes to give your vCard Plus QR code a perfect look. You can select a shape that resonates with your business to make your QR code relatable.
Select from multiple premade designs to make your digital business card look attractive. Our team has created several QR code designs to make your life easier.
Use various color combinations to make your vCard Plus QR code look colorful and appealing. QRCodeChimp lets you choose from a broad spectrum of colors for your QR code.
Add logos to your QR code digital business card to make it recognizable. QR codes with logo align with your brand and support your branding and marketing efforts.
You can include in-depth information about yourself on the vCard Plus page. This includes your contact details, work information, social media links, and multimedia.
White Labeling
The white labeling feature lets you replace the default scan URL with a custom scan URL. This way, you can ensure consistency and make your QR codes trustworthy.
Use subaccounts and folders to store, organize, and share your QR codes with others. You can also view folder-level analytics to know how QR codes in a folder are performing.
Bulk Upload
Upload multiple QR codes data at once using the bulk upload feature. Easily upload the excel or CSV files and download the QR Code images as zip or PDF.
Check how many people are scanning your vCard Plus QR code, along with their location and device, with powerful dashboard and analytics features.

How to get more scans on your QR Code Business Card?

More scans mean more connections. Therefore, it’s essential to make your QR code attractive to get more scans. Here’s how you can get more scans on your QR code business card.

Use Shapes

Most QR codes are square or round, and they all look pretty much the same. By making QR codes of unique and relatable shapes, you can make your QR code visiting card more attractive and get more scans. Suppose you’re a real estate agent. Having a house-shaped QR code can help you get more clicks.

Use Colors and Designs

Go beyond black-and-white QR codes and add flavor to your QR codes with the help of colors and designs. Use creative designs and colors to make your vCard Plus QR code unique and attractive.

Include a Logo or Picture

Adding a logo to your QR code can differentiate it from others and take your branding to the next level. If you want a vCard Plus QR code for a personal profile, you can use your image as a logo.

Include a Strong CTA

Adding a CTA to a QR code can boost its scan rate significantly. Though QR codes are meant to be scanned, adding a clear CTA telling people what they need to do can go a long way in getting more scans.

How does a vCard Plus QR Code Business Card work?

A vCard Plus QR code acts as a digital business card and allows you to share your contact details with potential customers, clients, investors, and shareholders. Here’s how a digital business card QR code works.

You give your business card with a vCard Plus QR code to your prospects. You can also include your vCard Plus in your resume and email signature.
They scan the code and reach your profile page and save your contact. Users can easily scan the code from their smartphone.
They can contact you or save your contact without manually entering the details. Hence, the contact-saving process becomes fast and convenient.
You make more connections and grow your network. vCard Plus improves your networking efforts and helps you connect with more people.

Benefits of a QR Code Business Card (vCard Plus)

A standard business card has printed information, and users need to manually save it on their phones. It’s time-consuming and prone to errors. A QR code business card resolves these hurdles. Here’s why you should use vCard Plus QR codes.

  • Allow people to save your contact instantly.

  • Increase your reach, grow your network, and make more connections.

  • Make your business cards look attractive and professional.

  • Share a wide range of information, including images and social links.

  • Popularize your social media profiles.

  • Update information in real-time without having to reprint the QR code.

Where to use a Digital Business Card?

All professionals, including entrepreneurs, government officers, artists, healthcare professionals, realtors, service providers, and consultants can use a vCard to increase awareness and grow their network. You can use a digital business card QR code at several places, including:

Business Cards
Make your business cards more appealing and actionable by placing a vCard Plus QR code on them. Grow your network by enabling users to easily connect with you.
Allow employers to connect with you by including a digital business card on your resume. Connect with recruiters and take a step closer to your dream job.
Email Signature
Include a digital business card QR code in your email signature to share your contact details with the recipients. Build a meaningful relationship with your email contacts.
Add a vCard Plus QR code to your portfolio and share your contact details with your potential clients. Reach more clients and grow your business.
Websites/Landing Pages
Include a vCard Plus QR code on your website or landing page to allow visitors to connect with you. Build meaningful relationships with your website users.
Put a vCard Plus QR code on your advertisements to guide people to your digital business card. Include a vCard Plus QR code on billboards, print ads, etc.

Best practices for making a QR Code Business Card

You can get the most out of this cutting-edge tool by following a few best practices when it comes to making the best QR code business card free of cost. Here are some ideas to think about:

Customize your QR code business card

The first step is designing a profile page that reflects you and your brand. You can create your digital business card with QRCodeChimp easily. Remember that the business card is not overloaded with information, and the data is organized. Add all the details that you think are relevant, but leave enough space balance and add logos/pictures.

Provide complete information

Ensure the digital business card page has all the necessary details. Add important information and give samples and examples of your work for people to better know you or your venture. Remember that your QR code needs to be simple enough for anyone with a smartphone to scan. A design should not be cluttered with extra visuals or text that could hinder scanning. Hence add only crucial information on the physical card, and the rest can be added to the QR code profile page.

Add a CTA

Call to action in sentences has proven to be effective over time. They guide your users toward the desired results. You can include CTAs in your profile in phrases like "Check out my portfolio" or "Get in touch with me." This way, the user would want to comply with the class and increase the chances of your interaction. But, QRs also may not catch the eye as they become more widely used. Calls to action tend to draw attention and better compel action.

Use your brand elements

Convert your digital business card into an advertisement for you and your brand. Add specifics to your brand image into the information. Promote your skills or your product by adding pictures, additional portfolios, and user testimonials. Add all these details to the digital profile page accessed by a QR code.

Regularly update your card

Your business card is a substitute for your identity, so keep it up to date. Update any changes like phone number, address, or email ID as soon as possible. You can add new portfolios and testimonials from time to time so that your prospects get the latest information.

Use clear, high-resolution images.

If you choose to include your picture in the digital business card profile, ensure it has a high resolution. Grainy or blurry images can make it unappealing or even unrecognizable and deter potential contacts from interacting with it. Use professionally clicked pictures and avoid filters or dim light images for your photo and portfolio. Make sure that the print quality of the QR code is also high. Blurred or distorted QR can make it difficult to scan.

Share useful links

Direct prospects to helpful resources like websites, portfolios, or social media. The links will help prospects know you better and make informed decisions.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!

The amazing variety of designs you offer to make the QR codes more appealing!

My experience with QRCodeChimp has been very interesting. It’s the only platform I came across that allowed me to create a QR code for an instant WhatsApp message link. Plus, the amazing variety of design options helped me customize my QR codes and make them look enticing. As soon as I created those beautiful preset designs, I knew I would have to bookmark this website.

I think your service is absolutely awesome, user-friendly and innovative to say the least.

I played around with various designs and was absolutely amazed by the variety of functions and designs you have available. I could use and create multiple designs according to each of my advertisement needs. The functionality is great and the scans are trackable in a simple dashboard making it easy to see how many prospective customers scan your QR Code. It really offers so much!

I am very happy with your product!

It was very simple to use; I needed two qr codes- one as a business card for myself and the other for my small business. They looked great, and I got some compliments on them! Thank you so much for making this available!

QRCodeChimp is straightforward and easy to use

Having the ability to show my first client a QR code that linked to the demo page immediately got his attention. I was able to make a QR code for it with a shape for his business and FB page. The ability to put a social media icon in the middle of the QR code to show where that code leads is extremely helpful, as well as being able to create codes in different shapes relating to the client's business and colors similar to their logo or color scheme really helps make them a satisfied client.

Thank you that we can reach our customers better with QR Code Chimp!

We include a QRCodeChimp business card with every order. So we can stay much closer and easier in touch with our customers with one scan. Since we are a young start-up, we rely on free options like the ones from QRCodeChimp; with the numerous features from you, we are more than satisfied.

Everything is perfect, I would recommend it to all my friends

I uploaded the QR Code created by your website in my smartwatch, and whenever someone asks me for my contact details, I extend my arm for them to scan the watch; people think this is one of the coolest ways they've seen to exchange contacts.

Being Eco- Friendly and Go Green in Business Life!

In a rapidly changing business life, I also have to change my business cards. By using less ink, paper, time, and money still, I can reflect all the changes in my business card in the quickest, easiest, and most stylish way. Wherever I use QR business cards during events, meetings, forums, and exhibitions, I both protect nature and stand out by making a difference.

Using the QR code has help people to find us faster through my Instagram

It's been hard for someone to see all the services I offer from my company, and giving an outline of the links made it easy by having that easy connection better than a business card.