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QR Code For Google Services

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What is a Google QR Code?

A QR code for Google is a file-sharing service between mobile devices. It enables the user to send a Google doc, location, sheet, form, slide, business review, or photo to a target device. The combination of QR code and Google services is the most convenient way of sharing a document or media.

Which Google services can I integrate into Google QR Code?

Google Docs QR Code

QR code for Google Doc enables real-time editing or co-editing of your collaborative documents. It allows you to view and modify documents from anywhere and anytime with just a scan in a few seconds without searching and downloading the file. Google Docs is an adaptable product for sharing and exporting word documents, PDFs, or plain text.

Google Slides QR Code

You can create and share visually stunning presentations with QR Code for Google Slides and add some creativity by enabling your audience to view the slideshow by scanning a Google Slide QR code.

Google Sheets QR Code

You can make discussions, meetings, and presentations smarter and more speedy by using QR codes for Google Sheets by saving the time, effort, and energy in sharing and downloading relevant reports by generating and transmitting a Google Sheet QR code in advance.

Google Calendar QR Code

Business owners can create attractive invitations for employees and clients for meetings by sharing invites through personalized Google Calendar QR codes. QR codes for Google Calendar also assist in adding the meeting to the scanner’s Google calendar and sending an RSVP. Google Calendar QR codes are helpful for event management firms, too, for sharing information and reminders to the audience.

Google Forms QR Code

QR code for Google Forms is an intelligent medium to generate leads and build email lists. It allows prospective customers to download insightful guides and subscribe to newsletters. You can also receive valuable feedback from regular customers by sharing QR codes for Google Form.

Google Maps QR Code

QR Code for Google Map is a hot favorite among hotels, restaurants and retail outlets to facilitate their customers to navigate to the nearest outlet without any hassle. Google Map QR Code can also increase footfall to a newly opened store by deploying the location on billboards, banners, and posters with QR codes to announce the opening of a new outlet. QR Codes can also offer discount coupons and offers to encourage customers to visit the nearest store.

Google Photos QR Code

QR Codes for Google Photos is an excellent tool for millennials who wish to share their entire photo gallery with friends without compromising the quality of the images. Scanning the QR Code for Google Photos can direct the users to several photos in seconds through any medium, including social media.

Google Business Reviews QR Code

Your customers can share reviews with prospective consumers on open platforms via QR codes. Such provisions help you know your strengths and weaknesses while convincing other customers to make purchasing decisions.

Google Drive QR Code

Google drive offers maximum cloud storage space that has played a huge role in its popularity among users of all age groups. QR Code for Google Drive allows users to access files in PDF, documents, images, notes, or video format from any mobile device. It facilitates team members to share a common space to access all the data by creating a common email id or the owner/editor of the document allowing access to specific members. QR Codes for Google Drive are immensely helpful for small businesses and professionals using Google Drive as their only storage space. All it takes is to copy the drive file link and convert it into a QR code.

Tips to keep in mind before generating a QR Code for Google Services

  • Size: A minimum size of 2*2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 inch) for a Google QR Code is appropriate to ensure scannability, especially when a large batch has to be printed.
  • Colors: Your QR Code for Google services does not need a dull black and white square. Choose from a wide range of colors or the ones that symbolize your brand. Just remember that darker colors for the foreground and lighter colors for the background are an ideal combination.
  • Logo: Incorporating a logo in your QR Code for Google services is an intelligent yet affordable way to improve brand awareness. Whenever a Google QR Code with your logo appears, your clients, vendors, and peers will instantly scan it due to the familiarity of the Code.
  • Print format: QRCodeChimp ensures that your QR Codes are in the highest possible resolution. Using a photo editing tool, you can choose between PNG, PDF, or SVG file formats to integrate the Google QR Code file with your respective designs.

How to create a Google QR Code?

Follow these steps to create a Google QR code:

Step 1: Visit any Google Solution

Sign in to your Gmail account and visit any solution (Ex: Docs, Slides, Sheets). For this tutorial, we're using Google Docs.
Note: You can also create a QR code for Google search result pages.

Step 2: Click on Share

Open the created document and click on the 'Share' button.

Step 3: Provide Access to View

Click on 'change to anyone with the link' to ensure the document has access to view by anyone.

Step 6: Design Your QR Code

Click on 'Design Color and Decorate QR Code' to customize your QR Code design (ex: adding color, shape, decorating picture).
Note: Click on the 'x' icon of the 'Customize QR Code' popup to save changes.

Step 7: Save and Download

Save the QR Code by clicking on the 'Save QR Code' button, entering the QR name, and then clicking on 'Save.'
Note: Make sure to scan your QR Code from different devices (iOS and Android) before printing for production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a Google QR code?

A Google QR code makes it easy to share Google links. You can share a Google QR code across channels, allowing people to view your Google files by scanning the QR code.

Can I edit the URL of a Google QR code?

If you create a dynamic QR code, you can edit it without reprinting and also track its scans. But in the case of a static QR code, you can neither edit it without reprinting nor track its scans.

Can I create a Google QR code for Google search results pages?

Yes, you can create a QR code for a Google search results page. All you need to do is copy the search results page URL, paste it into the ‘Google URL’ field, and create a QR code.