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QR Code For Image Gallery 

Create amazing landing page for your pictures, art and portfolio.

See how to make your perfect QR code!

Use Image Gallery QR Code to Convert Pics into Scan + Save Codes

QRCodeChimp's Image Gallery QR Code can convert all PNG, JPEG, and JPG image files into user-friendly QR Codes. QR Code image gallery is a quick-fix that allows you to display a single or a bunch of images inside a gallery, right on your print advertisement, which could be your CV, biodata, business card, visiting card, brochure, and poster. The images will be displayed on a mobile-friendly page that you can enhance with additional elements, like image description, a clickable website link, and CTA (call to action) button, and image effects.

Who Can Use Image Gallery QR Code Generator?

Photographers, art and graphic designers, real estate companies and brokers, hotels and resorts, fashion designers and stylists, Hair and MUA, and any profession/business in which pictures play a critical role in acquiring and engaging customers can use Online QR Code Generator to create beautiful image gallery codes. Whether you need to convert a single image to QR code or multiple, you can use QRCodeChimp's Image Gallery QR code.

What Kind of Information is Acceptable in Image Gallery QR Code Generator?

  • 32 number of images in the gallery
  • Title of the image
  • Basic information: Image gallery title, description, URL (your website), CTA, and clickable link (website services page)
  • Page loader image, which will be used as the image album cover
  • Customizable effects, such as primary and secondary colors and background image

Why is QR Code Image Gallery Gaining Popularity Amongst Brands?

QR Code image scanning is easier done than said. It is an ideal solution for showcasing multiple artwork and images within a small space of a print advertisement, like business card, newspaper, magazine, resume, book, poster, etc. Here are some of the advantages of using the free QR Code Generator for images.

Streamlines Processes

It simplifies the process for users to view images on their smartphones. It lets your customers access your work as and when they like without making your promotional tactic too obvious and eliminates the need to carry photo-album or portfolio everywhere. Example: Add a QR Code on the business card. Encourage users to scan the code to view your photographs.

Great Way to Promote Businesses

Designers, artists, photographers, and other professionals, such as real-estate brokers can use the QR Code for image gallery to display completed or ongoing projects to clients. Since it is absolutely free to create codes on QR Code Generator, it proves to be a very cost-saving business promotion tactic.

It is Mobile-Optimized by Default

In a mobile-driven world, a tool that is by-default mobile-friendly and free of cost is definitely a boon to marketers. All Dynamic Code URLs are responsive, meaning QR Code Chimp optimizes code content based on the device type, such as desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Boosts Your Chances of Acquiring New Leads

Add the code on your resume, and impress your interviewer by allowing them to look at your work portfolio. Boost engagement with customers by adding image QR codes on product packaging or label and enabling them to view related product images or other works. Add on brochures, magazines, and other documents to showcase your product catalogs.

Saves Cost – Reusable Marketing Tool

Dynamic QR codes are editable, changeable, and adaptable without the need of reprinting the code. For example, you can replace the old images with the latest ones to impress clients by editing the URL content on QRCodeChimp Dashboard. QR Code Tracking powered by GPS technology allows real-time tracing of scans using various metrics, such as scan location, number of scans, device used for scanning, etc.

A Millennial Multi-Channel Marketing Tool

It perfectly combines digital and print marketing. Smartphone scanning allows users to jump from print media to digital media in a few seconds if you use image to QR code generator. As a result, it meets the basic brand marketing challenge, i.e., the struggle to connect with brands through posters, billboards, business cards, and newspapers.